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Bodyweight Blast


Today’s workout was all bodyweight. I have been hitting heavy weights the last couple of days and I feel good enough to do again today but that would not be smart. In the past I have gone heavy every day amd it took a serious toll on my body especially my shoulders. This workout took less than an hour because of the focus on doing each exercise as fast as possible without losing proper form.

Bodyweight Blast Workout
4 mile bike ride

50 box jumps

50 pushups

75 running man abs

150 russian twist

50 pullups

4 mile bike ride


Take Control Of Your Health


I did a health talk at my church this weekend and I think it went pretty well. I talked about many common diseases but the overall gist was that we need to take control of our own health. It is estimated that over 60% of all disease is preventable. That list includes heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, high cholesterol, etc which are now called lifestyle disease. We have to start taking control of our health. Here are five tips that can put you on the path of a healthier life:

1. Stop doing fad diets. If you cannot do it for the rest of your life don’t do it.

2. Eat 5-7 total servings of fruits and vegetables. Low in calories and chock full of the nutrients we need to keep our body humming along.

3. Exercise 30-60 minutes per day. Not only does exercise help you burn calories but it keeps your heart and muscles in tip top shape

4. Eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast can help you reduce the total number of calories eaten per day helping you lose or maintain weight.

5. Drink half your body weight in water. Most of our body is made up of water and not getting enough can lead to weight gain, headaches, overeating, etc.

The choices that we make will either increase or decrease our risk of disease. We can either complain about our health or do something about it. What will you do?

Quick Workouts


The workout I did today was a quick metabolism boosting workout that only took about 35 minutes. It allowed me to get two miles of running in without even thinking about it.

Today’s Workout
1/4 mile run + 15 burpees
1/4 mile run + 15 pullups
1/4 mile run + 25 pushups
1/4 mile run + 20 leg raises with hip tilts

Run through each line at least once with the goal of doing two to three sets per line.


Exercise Of The Week: Shoulder Tap Planks

Core exercise that adds a little variety to the traditional planks. Instead of counting seconds try to increase how many taps you do per set.



Eggs get an undeserved bad wrap because of cholesterol fears. I have been eating 1-2 eggs a day for as long as I can remember and my cholesterol numbers have always been optimal. Recent studies such as the one did by the British Medical Journal concluded that eating up to one egg a day did not increase the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke. Eggs have a very high protein to calorie ratio so adding it to either a breakfast dish or a salad can help you limit how many calories you eat while keeping you fuller longer. The vitamins and minerals found in the egg yolk and whites help with neurological function, vitamin b absorption, breast cancer prevention, muscle development, liver function, vision loss prevention, hair and skin health, etc. Now this does not mean that you can eat an unlimited amount of eggs. The Cleveland Clinic recommends that we eat four to six egg yokes per week. We get in trouble with eggs not because of the egg itself but how we prepare it. Here are some tips on how to prepare eggs in a healthy way:

1. Boil them and add to a salad

2. Scrambled with veggies (mushrooms, peppers, tomato, etc)

3. Pan fry with cooking spray

4. Make an omelet and add vegetables to it

5. Deviled eggs


National Bike Month

National Bike Month

With May being National Physical Fitness and Sports month I want to highlight different activities that can be done in a gym or outside. Turns out this month is also National Bike Month (Who comes up with these things?). When I messed up my knee last year I knew I had to find other pieces of cardio to do in addition to running. I started off doing the elliptical and arc trainer because they are low impact but I’m not a fan of them. My go to piece cardio machine nowadays is the upright bike. I’m getting a great workout with very little impact on my joints. Not only is it great on the joints but a 150 pound person going just five and a half miles per hour can burn over 300 calories. A lot of cities have made being a cyclist easier by having bike lanes and giving cyclist the same rights as motorist. Quite a few parks now have bike trails which can burn even more calories because of the hills. Cycling/biking is as easy as getting on the upright bike at the gym, doing a spin class or buying a mountain bike. If you are looking at hitting the road follow these tips to keep your riding as safe and fun as possible:

1. Wear a helmet to protect your head from injury.

2. Do not ride with headphones on so you can hear what is going on around you.

3. Know the bike laws in your city.

4. Keep your head up so you do not run into anything.

5. Do a bike inspection before every ride to make sure your brakes work, tires do not have punctures, and that your gears are ok, etc

6. Keep a first aid kit, water, and snacks handy in a seat bag or a fanny pack.


Exercise Of The Week: Resistance Band Back Row

This exercise works your upper back, shoulders and arms. The thickness of the band will determine how many reps you do each set. Three to four sets of 20-30 reps should be ok for most people.