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My Journey

April 30, 2015


Today was a great workout day. I ran 7mph and 8mph sprints on the treadmill with no knee pain. This might not sound like a big deal but it is coming from where I have been. Over the last two years I have torn my ACL, strained my MCL, torn my meniscus and been diagnosed with bone marrow edema, all in my right knee. My ortho doctor straight up told me that I will eventually need a knee replacement. Hearing that is extremely humbling to a 30 year old who has been active his whole life. I am happy to say that due to the great physical therapist at my job and some experimentation I have recovered from all injuries without needing any surgery. Along the way I have learned quite a bit about the body and the human psyche. Here are the five most important things I have learned about recovering from injury and working out in general:

1. Cross training is super important. If our body gets accustomed to going in one direction you will be weak in the others. Instead of always running on the treadmill go for a swim or a hike.

2. Muscle balance is key. If an opposing muscle is stronger than the other that imbalance can throw your body all out of wack. Twice a week I concentrate on hips, butt, low back and hamstrings using bands, bosu’s and single leg exercises

3. Don’t be stupid. I have compromised knees so i know high impact workouts and sports need to be limited. I run or play ball 1-2 times/wk.

4. Listen to your body. Forget that whole “no pain no gain”. If your body hurts, REST. Pain is your body’s way of saying pump the breaks. Light stretching and light cardio in place of a hardcore workout can help heal your body.

5. Proper nutrition is key. Your body needs the right mix of vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein and good fats in order to grow stronger. A poor diet filled with nutrient poor foods will not give your body the tools to recover.

I am hopeful that my experience can help someone else on their fitness and health journey. The road to recovery and better health can be bumpy but every set back is a set up for a comeback!!!!!!!!


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