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Hotel Workouts

December 14, 2014


Vacations and business trips use to be consistent excuses to slack off on  workouts. These days most if not all major hotels offer some sort of fitness center. The fitness center pictured is in a Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites and as you can see its stocked with what you need for a great workout. The equipment will vary from hotel to hotel, even in the same chain so your best bet is to call ahead to see what they have and plan accordingly. Here are a few more tips to ensure that you will have a great workout in your hotel:

1. Pack a resistance band. Some facilities may not have weights to minimize liability. Bands help mimic what dumbbells do.

2. PLAN. If you know you are going to be gone on business, schedule your workout just like your meetings. On vacation plan to get up an hour before your family gets up.

3. Have your trainer write out a workout based on the hotel equipment and go over it a couple of times before you leave. This will help limit how much time is wasted.

Whether you are away on business or vacation there are no excuses for  missing a workout. Exercise is what I like to call a magnet behavior. You tend to eat better, sleep better, and practice healthier habits when you exercise.  Not working out for an extended period of time coupled with typical vacation eating can set you back weeks.


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