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Workplace Wellness

July 28, 2014


Our workplace environment can either help keep us healthy or lead us down the path of unhealthiness. If you are like me you spend quite a bit of time at work. In our zeal to either move up the corporate ladder or finish a big project our health gets pushed to the back burner. Lunch is either something quick out of the vending machine or some type of fast food delivery. When you throw in the fact that our jobs are more and more sedentary you have recipe for disaster. Many of my clients attribute a lot of their weight gain to sitting down all day at their jobs. I know that it may seem like there is not anything you can do about it but taking a few small steps can make a huge difference. Here are five ways you can workplace a healthier environment:

1. Keep healthy foods at your job. Having Greek yogurt, apples, bananas, mixed nuts, carrots, etc around the office makes the cake in the break room less tempting.  

2. Get up and move. Moving around and doing some basic office exercises can help fight fatigue, increase productivity and boost job satisfaction. Here is an entire office exercise program that does not require a lot of time or sweat to do (

3. Water water and more water. Over half of our body is made up of water and if we do not get enough headaches, fatigue, weight gain, etc start to happen. The more water we drink the less bad stuff we put in our bodies. 

4. Take a breather. Jobs are stressful but if we do not sit back and take a breath the stress can consume us. Stress is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and other disease. Take a few minutes every hour to either walk around, lay your head down, laugh, etc. 

5. Manage your time better. A lot of times we stress about things not because they are so hard but because we are rushing to finish them. If we manage our time better we tend to not rush or have so much work left to do at the end of the day which in turn stress us out. Make a schedule of your daily events on either a big office calendar or an app on your phone or tablet. The minutes you save throughout the day add up big time. 


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