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Take Control Of Your Health

July 21, 2014


I did a health talk at my church this weekend and I think it went pretty well. I talked about many common diseases but the overall gist was that we need to take control of our own health. It is estimated that over 60% of all disease is preventable. That list includes heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, high cholesterol, etc which are now called lifestyle disease. We have to start taking control of our health. Here are five tips that can put you on the path of a healthier life:

1. Stop doing fad diets. If you cannot do it for the rest of your life don’t do it.

2. Eat 5-7 total servings of fruits and vegetables. Low in calories and chock full of the nutrients we need to keep our body humming along.

3. Exercise 30-60 minutes per day. Not only does exercise help you burn calories but it keeps your heart and muscles in tip top shape

4. Eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast can help you reduce the total number of calories eaten per day helping you lose or maintain weight.

5. Drink half your body weight in water. Most of our body is made up of water and not getting enough can lead to weight gain, headaches, overeating, etc.

The choices that we make will either increase or decrease our risk of disease. We can either complain about our health or do something about it. What will you do?


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