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June 4, 2014


Eggs get an undeserved bad wrap because of cholesterol fears. I have been eating 1-2 eggs a day for as long as I can remember and my cholesterol numbers have always been optimal. Recent studies such as the one did by the British Medical Journal concluded that eating up to one egg a day did not increase the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke. Eggs have a very high protein to calorie ratio so adding it to either a breakfast dish or a salad can help you limit how many calories you eat while keeping you fuller longer. The vitamins and minerals found in the egg yolk and whites help with neurological function, vitamin b absorption, breast cancer prevention, muscle development, liver function, vision loss prevention, hair and skin health, etc. Now this does not mean that you can eat an unlimited amount of eggs. The Cleveland Clinic recommends that we eat four to six egg yokes per week. We get in trouble with eggs not because of the egg itself but how we prepare it. Here are some tips on how to prepare eggs in a healthy way:

1. Boil them and add to a salad

2. Scrambled with veggies (mushrooms, peppers, tomato, etc)

3. Pan fry with cooking spray

4. Make an omelet and add vegetables to it

5. Deviled eggs


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