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National Bike Month

May 21, 2014

National Bike Month

With May being National Physical Fitness and Sports month I want to highlight different activities that can be done in a gym or outside. Turns out this month is also National Bike Month (Who comes up with these things?). When I messed up my knee last year I knew I had to find other pieces of cardio to do in addition to running. I started off doing the elliptical and arc trainer because they are low impact but I’m not a fan of them. My go to piece cardio machine nowadays is the upright bike. I’m getting a great workout with very little impact on my joints. Not only is it great on the joints but a 150 pound person going just five and a half miles per hour can burn over 300 calories. A lot of cities have made being a cyclist easier by having bike lanes and giving cyclist the same rights as motorist. Quite a few parks now have bike trails which can burn even more calories because of the hills. Cycling/biking is as easy as getting on the upright bike at the gym, doing a spin class or buying a mountain bike. If you are looking at hitting the road follow these tips to keep your riding as safe and fun as possible:

1. Wear a helmet to protect your head from injury.

2. Do not ride with headphones on so you can hear what is going on around you.

3. Know the bike laws in your city.

4. Keep your head up so you do not run into anything.

5. Do a bike inspection before every ride to make sure your brakes work, tires do not have punctures, and that your gears are ok, etc

6. Keep a first aid kit, water, and snacks handy in a seat bag or a fanny pack.


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