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Bump Up The Intensity

April 30, 2014

Bump Up The Intensity

If you are finding that your weight loss has stalled a lack of exercise intensity could be the reason. Not only will higher intensity exercise burn more calories during a workout it can even increase the calorie burn afterwards. Intensity can be modified for any exercise. Here are some ways you can increase intensity: vary the speed during a run, take shorter breaks between exercises, instead of doing a set number of reps use time, briskly walk for four minutes then slow down for 1 minute, etc. Higher intensity exercise can also help you pack in more of a workout in less time. According to the ACE Fitness activity calculator a 150lb person that walks at 2 mph will burn approximately in an hr vs 170 calories in just 30 minutes walking 4 mph. When transitioning to a higher intensity workout take it slow and listen to your body so you can prevent injuries. Look at the RPE scale to figure out where you fall then shoot for the level above that.


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