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Drinking Ourselves Fat

April 2, 2014


One of the biggest causes of weight gain are beverages. A drink here and a drink there can cost you hundreds of calories per day. For example a Vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks is close to 300 calories. Based off of a 1500 calorie diet that is 20% of your allotted calories in just one drink. Beverages are really sneaky because you normally don’t drink just a little bit. It is easy to drink 2,3, or 4 cups of juice with little to no thought at all. Before you know it you have drank 500 calories just in juice. There are plenty of beverages but in the interest of time I will talk about fruit juices, sodas, and alcoholic beverages.

In my opinion fruit juices are almost as bad as sodas. Fruit juices namely orange juice are praised for giving us an easy way to get our vitamins and minerals. This my friends is a false claim. The best way to get your vitamins and minerals is to go to the source which is the actual fruit. For instance, a cup of oranges has only 85 calories but it provides 159% of your vitamin c and almost 20% of your fiber. In stark contrast an 8oz glass of Tropicana orange juice has 110 calories but only 50% of your vitamin c and ZERO fiber. Its easy to drink 2 or 3 glasses orange juice but not so easy to eat multiple cups of oranges. Eating the fruit is not only more nutritious but will help you consume less calories.

There has been a mountain of data on why soda is not good for you. I won’t take time on that subject instead I’ll spend the time on the calorie count. There is absolutely no nutritional benefit to drinking a soda. Whether it is sprite, coke, Fanta, etc there is no good thing that can come from drinking a lot of those. An 8oz cup of sprite is about 100 calories and I know from personal experience that I’m not going to drink just one cup. A large sprite from Checkers will run you 340 calories. So not only are you eating fast food that isn’t healthy you are compounding the issue by drinking a soda. One good way to wean yourself off is to either drink the zero calorie or diet soda until you can get to where you are drinking water instead.

Alcoholic beverages have been holding people back from weight loss for forever. A lot of my clients swear to me all they have is a couple glasses of wine and that’s it. As little as that sounds a 5oz glass of white wine has about 120 calories so 2 or 3 glasses add up real quick. Alcohol is weight loss speed bump just because of the calories but also due to the fact that you eat more when you drink more. Alcohol lowers your inhibition so you don’t think as clearly so that extra piece of cake or wings you wouldn’t have eaten before you drank gets eaten. That by itself cause you to eat hundreds of calories extra before you realize it. My suggestion is to limit how many times a week you drink. Cutting down from say 4 days a week to 2 days a week can help save you thousands of calories a month.

Fruit juices, sodas and alcoholic drinks taste really good but contribute to obesity in ways most people don’t realize. The best beverage you can drink is water. Water is a zero calorie drink that helps increase energy and blood flow while helping the body flush out fat. Drinking more water and less of the other types of beverages will help decrease total daily calories consumed which will help you maintain or lose weight. 


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  1. Excellent coverage on drinks, especially in a age where many of us still regard commercial fruit juices as healthy foods. In addition of making us fat, many drinks promote soaking our mouth in acid too!


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