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Control What You Can Control

January 15, 2014


One of my favorite sayings is “control what you can control”. There are many things that we cannot control such as our jobs, new born babies not sleeping, family member illness, etc. How we deal with these situations whether we want to hear it or not are completely under our control. We make the decision on what we eat, how much exercise we get, how much water we drink. Here are some tips to help you deal with some of life’s obstacles and take control of your health:

1. Stressful job- Plan meals out for the entire work week to increase your chance of eating healthy, take a walk during your lunch period to lessen stress, and set a water alarm to increase consumption

2. Family life- Get a family membership at a gym, schedule family exercise hr at a park or just walking in the neighborhood, plan meals using everyone’s input to add variety to the menu, and replace processed snacks with fruit

3. Sleepless nights- Exercise 30-60 min three days a week, limit caffeine intake, have a set bedtime to get your body use to a pattern, and read instead of watching tv while in bed

4. Short on time- Exercise 10 min three different times of the day to get in 30 min of exercise, and do quick exercises like squats and push ups while you cook

5. New born baby- Take walks in the park or neighborhood, find a gym with childcare, and exercise and meal prep while they are napping

Something will always come up and it usually happens when we have something else we want to do. While we cannot always control the situation we can control how we deal with the situations. Using these tips you can take control over your health and increase your quality of life. 


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