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The CrossFit Conundrum Pt.2

December 18, 2013


* CrossFit Conundrum Pt 1.

I did a CrossFit demo  last week and was pleasantly surprised. Not surprised enough to do it but enough to take it off my do not do list. What struck me most about it was our instructor Heather Albro. She made the environment conducive to safer exercise. When you add all out effort to complex movement the risk of injury does increase but her watchful eye put me at ease. Before we picked up a medicine ball or kettlebell we warmed up then practiced the movements. To top it all off at the end she took us through a really nice cool down that I contribute to helping reduce the stiffness I would have had. Doing that workout cemented that CrossFit is not for me but it can work for some people. Here are some tips for doing CrossFit safely:

1. Do small groups: The bigger the group the less likely the instructor can watch your form and bad form will increases your chance of injury.

2. Do instructor led workouts: An instructors purpose is to watch form and no matter how good we are we need that extra eye.

3. Warm up properly: With the rapid movements and all out effort required your muscles need a warm up to get ready and when you are.

4. Cool down properly: Cooling down allows your body to get back to steady state and helps with blood circulation.

5. Do not do it everyday: Your body needs rest to repair itself after a grueling workout. CrossFit recommends 3 days on 1 day off or 5 days on and 2 days off but I like to take it a step further and say every other day.

While I had a pretty good experience during my demo I have heard the horror stories. CrossFit is not for everyone and several factors will determine how good your experience will be. There is always going to be a risk of injury no matter what exercise you do. Listen to your body and be aware of your surroundings to minimize those risk.


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