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How To Hire A Personal Trainer

September 18, 2013


From motivation to exercise variation to injury prevention there are countless reasons to hire a personal trainer. The majority of us just cannot push ourselves as hard as a trainer which can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. I know quite a few people who could not accomplish their goals of getting off medications, losing weight, modifying eating, etc. without the help of a trainer. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics personal training jobs will increase 24% from 2010-2020 and with more and more people paying attention to their health personal trainers are now in high demand. As a personal trainer I feel like this is good and not so good. Good because that means that there is stability in my field and chance for me to grow. Not so good because anyone can call themselves a personal trainer and hop on the bandwagon. We all have that friend who works out a lot so by default he/she believes that they are a personal trainer. This is incorrect and real consequences can occur with that type of thinking. If you have a certain health condition that your “trainer” cannot program around serious issues can come up. I will give you some questions to ask and if you decide to hire a personal trainer:

1. What kind of certification organization did you go through and what certification did you get? Some of the familiar ones are (in no particular order) ACSM, NSCA, ACE, ISSA,  and NASM.

2. I have arthritis, hypertension, cancer, joint repair, diabetes 1 and 2, etc; what is your experience with my condition ?

3. How much do you charge?

4. In home or onsite? If you want in home then make sure that trainer has some sort of liability insurance in case there is an accident. If they train at a gym ask if the gym provides them with liability insurance or if they have their own.

5. What is your training style? Machines, body weight, kettlebells, circuits, plyometrics, teaching, etc

6. How will you keep me motivated?

7. Are you CPR/First Aid/AED certified?

8. How will you evaluate my progress? Girth measurements, weigh-ins, fitness testing, etc.?

9. What is your cancellation policy?

10. What is your schedule? Do you do mornings, afternoons, or evenings?


It is a blessing and honor to call myself a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you reach heights you may not have known you could get to. A lot about hiring a trainer is the vibe you get meeting them. Its hard to train with someone you do not have a good rapport with. Use these questions to weed out the ones that are not right for you and take your fitness level up a notch or two.


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