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Sports Bar Blues

September 11, 2013

Well its that time of year.  It is arguably the best time of the year for being a sports fan. Baseball pennant race is going strong, pro and college football dominate the weekends, and college basketball starts in two weeks. To celebrate these good times by going out to eat or by just having a party at the house. All the meat, cheeses and drinks can really derail you from your fitness and nutrition goals. Its extremely easy to pack on a few pounds over the weekend watching just a few football games. All of the hard work that was done during the week just cancelled out. While they aren’t advertised most places will have healthier options, its just our job to find them. We can also help ourselves out by using better food at our own parties (who is going complain about free food). What will follow is kind of like an eat this and not that list for a few restaurants that are frequented during sporting events tips for partying at home and eating out

Tips For Eating Out At Sports Bars:

1. Eat a healthy snack before you leave to avoid overeating.

2. Drink plenty of water to keep you fuller longer and to prevent you from drinking your calories.

3. Order the smallest order to onion rings and french fries.

4. Use fat free or reduced fat dipping sauces.

5. Get skinless wings instead of fried.


Buffalo Wild Wings

Eat This: 6pc Naked Tenders- 260 calories

Eat This: Black Bean Burger- 310 calories

Not That: Juicy Steak Burger- 1040 calories

Not That: 8pc Boneless BBQ Wings- 770 calories



Eat This: 5pc Naked Chicken Wings- 330 calories

Eat This: Fried Pickles- 150 calories

Not That: Lots A Tots- 1120 calories

Not That- 5pc Regular Chicken Wings- 880 calories


Tips for partying at home:

1. Have raw veggies handy.

2. Use fat free or reduced fat dips.

3. Bake instead of frying chicken.

4. Use salsa instead of sour cream and cheese dips to reduce calories.

5. Instead of a cake or pie use fruit as the dessert.


After eating right and exercising all week don’t let a weekend party do you in. Follow these steps to enjoy yourself and keep your waistline in check.


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