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Snack Time

August 7, 2013



Healthy snacks are an integral part of weight loss and maintenance. Going a long time in between meals slows down your metabolism and  is one of the causes of increased fat storage. Every time you eat your metabolism increases by up to 40% so eating healthy snacks in between meals will help burn more calories throughout the day. 

For a snack to be considered a good snack it needs to have a high nutrient density. The more nutrients you can get per calorie the better. Complex carbs for sustained energy, protein for muscle development, fiber and good fats to keep you fuller longer. I usually keep my snacks at about 200-300 calories. Not enough to make me super full but satisfied enough to bridge the gap between meals. Examples of good snacks are:

Greek yogurt- High in protein

Mixed nuts (less than 50% peanuts)- Good fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals

Cottage cheese- High in protein

Raw veggies and peanut butter- High in vitamin, minerals, protein, and good fats

Fruit- High in vitamins and minerals

Whole grain triscuits- High in fiber

Whole grain bread with peanut butter spread- Complex carbs, fiber, protein, and good fats

Skipping snacks is not a good way to lose weight and can actually lead to the opposite. I like the 3 meals and 3 snacks a day method because eating 6 meals a day can be hard to do. When it is time for a snack remember: the more often your body gets healthy foods the hotter the fat burning fire burns in your body. 


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  1. It’s a good reminder, thanks Howard. 🙂

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