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Started From The Bottom

June 26, 2013

One of the biggest questions I get when talking about strength training is where do I start. The answer to that question depends on your current condition. Your exercise program is dependent on your body; whether you have back, knee, shoulder, etc. pain or some other problem. With that being said, the starter workout that I am posting is a very safe program that can be done by the majority of the population pain free. It is a total body program that takes advantage of body weight, machine weights (Nautilus, Free Motion, Cybex, Life Fitness, etc) and dumbbell weights.


Chest Press Machine or Pushups

Seated Row Machine

Lat Pull Down Machine

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Tricep Rope Extension

Body Weight Squat or Leg Press Machine

Leg Curl Machine

Hip Adductor Machine

Hip Abductor Machine

Stair Calf Raises

Ab Crunch Machine (core)

Seated Medicine Ball Twist (core)

You should start off with 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps with a weight that is comfortable but challenging. If it starts getting too easy then its time to bump up the intensity by adding more weight, sets, and reps. If you have any pain or restriction talk to a CERTIFIED personal trainer about how to modify each exercise. If you are a part of a special population or nervous about starting to workout (Diabetes, Hypertension, Traumatic Brain Injury, Joint Replacement, etc) talk to your doctor before starting any routine.

I know it seems tough now to get into a routine but remember, every one – from fitness experts to body builders – had to start from somewhere.  You won’t ever see any progress if you don’t get up and get going!


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