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Wrap It Up

May 1, 2013




ImageSeems like the newest health crazes out are body wraps and wrap parties. Body wraps have been around for decades and became a really popular spa service in the 80s and 90s. Back then body wraps were used more for therapeutic reasons as opposed to the detox and weight loss reasons of today. It almost seems ridiculous that a body wrap around your stomach will help you lose weight but I had to do some research to validate my suspicion. 

There is no scientific fact that body wraps get rid of cellulite, help you lose weight, decrease body fat, etc ( To do a body wrap you place the body wrap around the problem area then use saran wrap on top and leave it on for 45 min to 8hrs. By looking at some videos it seems that it can give you the impression of stomach fat loss by using pressure. If I keep my hand pressed into foam for a few minutes it will flatten but soon after it will go back to the shape it was in. 

I found that the most popular body wrap company is “ItWorks Body Wrap” ( where wrap kits start out at about $115. Looking for directions on how to properly do a wrap I stumbled across very thorough directions on Jackie Hall recommends that for three days you stay away from processed food, sugar, soda, alcohol, and drink half your body weight in water. So three days later the directions bring the question, “Was it the lifestyle change or the wrap that is the mechanism for the change?” 

Body wraps seem to me like they are 99.9% gimmick. Of course when someone is selling you something they have to figure out a way to get you to believe that it works. The majority of the time the person selling you something has an end goal of making money and some people will do it any way they can. Be careful with quick fix ideas like this body wrap. Weight loss is just like anything else in life and takes hard work and dedication. If you come across something like this that seems too good to be true, chances are that it is.


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  1. Winston London II permalink

    I have been kontemplating doing this wrap thing for about 2 years now and kould never figure out why i hadnt. The suspicions that I had are very similar to what you brought up in this post. Im glad I didnt kause it would be very pricey and more than likely a waste fo my time!!! Thanks bruh!!

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