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April 17, 2013


This is IHOPs ad featuring their new line of breakfast sandwiches called griddle melts. The ad follows the pattern of companies using slick word play like “hand crafted” and imagery to trick us into believing that what they are selling is good for us. It is so important for us to research food before we eat it. A lot of companies have nutritional info on their corporate site but my go to place is the myfitnesspal app and website. The myfitnesspal app and website are easier to navigate than most food company sites

Now what could be wrong with a breakfast sandwich that has spinach and roasted red peppers? Well………..griddle melts are an example of the worst things to eat. The spinach, roasted red peppers, and cheese griddle melt checks in at almost 1600 calories and 110 grams of fat which is a day and half days worth of fat. Even cutting the sandwich in half will give you almost a half days worth and calories and fat. There are plenty of healthy options on the IHOP menu such as the simple and fit veggie omelette with fresh fruit (310 calories) but the advertising dollars went to some of the unhealthiest food they serve.


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  1. Winston London II permalink

    Bro, this is krazy we were just talking about this very ad at work today. Someone tried to argue your very point of being “healthy” or the appearance of the roasted red peppers and spinach was all juss a kover up. These kompanies figure they are helping us by putting these labels on their products when in actuality its required by law. But even though it is, they still arent putting everything that “supposedly” goes into these products. Great post bro, keep it up!!!!

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