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April 8, 2013

I started this blog because of my passion for healthy living. As an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist I want to help people sift through the crazy amount of good, bad and/or, dangerous information out there. This blog is for you, the people because I have seen you all taken advantage of time and time again and it is not right. I also want to inform people who have no idea where to start and give them a GPS for this healthy living journey.

I am really excited about the health trends out. Gym memberships have been climbing the past few years, people are starting to care about what they eat and drink, and there has been an explosion of fitness professionals from personal trainers, group exercise leaders, zumba, etc. What most excites me is that people are realizing that prevention is the key. Yes that gym membership can be costly, yes buying healthier foods tends to be higher than junk food but the payoff is a higher quality of life and less health issues in the future.

What disturbs me about this growth in health is that there are people and companies out there taking advantage of this for profit. Carefully coded phrases like “all natural” all over food labels to put it as blunt as possible trick people into buying foods . Potentially dangerous gimmicky workouts and fast fixes that are put out there as fitness gold all in the name of profit. This aspect of health really sickens me and something needs to be done about it

All dialogue related to health, wellness, and fitness whether its about genetically modified foods or the latest fitness craze are welcomed. If there is a particular topic you would like discussed feel free to email me ( so I can do my due diligence researching it.


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